20 January 2015

What is it like the week before entering the Missionary Training Center? We are eating well! Yesterday, our daughter brought barbecued chicken salads for lunch and our daughter in law brought delicious chicken and rice and salad for dinner. We had Steak Diane and rise and bake rolls for lunch because we need to use food in the freezer. I did my last cooking today: Enchilada Casserole. We hear from friends there are not Mexican restaurants in Australia, so this may be our last diced chilis for a while. Meals are going to change. From now until Monday it is Papa John’s pizza, pot-pies and frozen lasagna.

Our daughter and daughter in law whizzed through our home packing yesterday. They were so fast, I had to go find more boxes. The most common phrase is, “Should I pack this yet?” I reply, “Yes”, then find I need it later. But I just opened one box today to retrieve a cookie sheet. Wait, I also got out some spices and Worcestershire sauce from another box. That’s why we need to stop cooking. At some point, the kitchen has to be packed!

The suitcases are spread out in the front bedroom, nagging to be packed. Dave’s 9 white shirts are ironed. We shared that big job!

Here is the future Elder Kinghorn unplugging all the electronics and the power chord, getting them ready for packing.



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