Looking Back

3 April 2014

We are really talking about a mission soon.  We are asking questions like, what about the house and cars and my instruments? We have a lot to think about. Time to make a list!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dave and I are filling out a mission application!  In March, Dave contacted a friend and colleague of his from Wells Fargo bank who was president in the Australia Sydney South Mission. The mission president and his wife called and told us the work for their office couples is very flexible and I would be able to rest as needed with my migraines.  They strongly encouraged us to come serve with them in the Mission office. Both Dave and I felt strong feelings and impressions we should serve in Sydney. So we committed with them to start our application immediately (visas take 6 months for Australia) and request to be sent to the Australia Sydney South Mission, and they would also request us from their end.  The couple we would replace is scheduled to return home the middle of February, so we are planning to be there the 1st of February for a two-week overlap of training.

Two days later, our friend, the mission president, had a brain aneurism and kidney failure!  He has been released and is in the new IHC hospital in Murray, Utah.  Since we felt so right about going to Australia, we are going to still turn in our application requesting Sydney South, but we don’t know what will happen.  Our son is taking our picture tomorrow, then we need our bishop’s and stake president’s interview.  Then the application is ready to turn in.

Friday, 18 July 2014

While driving home from a vacation to Canada, Dave started listening to the messages on our home phone. We were both very surprised to hear a message from the Centerville post office from earlier in the week. It said they had a mission call for us! They asked if we would like to come and pick up the envelope. (Our Centerville post office is amazing and makes these calls as a special service!)   As we passed Tremonton, Utah, we looked at the clock (4:00 pm) and each other, knowing we could not get to the post office before 5 pm closing. Dave called and made arrangements to go to the back door of the post office and pick up the big white envelope at 7 am Saturday, the next morning. We called all our childen and their spouses and made plans to be on Skype and face time and open our call at 8:30 am our time. I was so anxious to know exactly where we were going! Would I have enough faith if it was a call to an undeveloped country? It was hard to wait! I was so relieved when I saw Australia Sydney South that I cried and could not even read the letter aloud.


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