Missionary Meeting

11 January 2015


Today was a really great day! Dave and I spoke in our Sacrament Meeting. Dave gave an excellent talk about preparing for our futures. There was such a good feeling there. Our extended family was very supportive. Our Utah children and their spouses and our grandchildren filled a long pew near the front. My dear sister and her husband came from Provo. Dave’s cousin and her husband came. My nieces and a nephew through marriage came and brought their children. It was lovely to see them all! I was very happy to see many of my students and their parents. One of my special violin colleagues and her husband came! They all greeted us after the meeting and it felt so good to give them hugs goodbye. Family and our close friends we have adopted as family came to our home for lunch after church. They were kind to bring lots of food. We enjoyed clam chowder, tomato basil soup and taco soup. We had fruit and vegetables and a green salad and rolls. The pie and ice cream for dessert was so delicious!  I forgot the camera until the end, but got this great picture.


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