Special Sunday Evening

25 January 2015
Tonight we were set apart by President Hollingshead as missionaries.  (He places his hands on our heads and pronounces a blessing.) It was a very positive feeling! Pres. Hollingshead told us not to worry about being equal to the demands of our mission because the Lord would strengthen us so we can be successful. That was very comforting to me because I have worried about my migraine headaches negatively impacting my service. He said there would be many people praying for us including family members who have died. That made me think of our parents and our daughter, Laura Michelle.

One thought on “Special Sunday Evening

  1. Eva

    What a beautiful picture! A treasure! You already make it look like so much fun! Thank you for sharing the details of the beginning of your mission. What a beautiful setting-apart blessing. There is a special kind of comfort (and longing, and gratitude) in knowing that those who have gone ahead are so aware and cheering us on! Has anyone told you yet today that you are wonderful??? You are! Love, Eva



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