On Our Way

6 February 2015

We fly to Sydney tomorrow! Kind sisters from our ward Relief Society (our women’s group from church) came and helped clean our home. In just 2 hours they cleaned 2 bathrooms, the fridge, washed the walls, wiped out closets, washed windows, dusted and more. They helped so much! Their work really lifted my spirits!

7 February 2015
We are safely in the beautiful LAX international terminal trying to be patient. 2 hours down and 3 to go before our 10:20 flight to Sydney. We had a lovely dinner of crab cakes then chicken salad at III Forks restaurant.  Dad gave a pass along card to the hostess! (card with mormon.org address) A server whose family is from Ogden came and spoke to us.
We are hearing announcements in French, Chinese, and Tagalog.  Sorry I did not call more of you. It was a crazy crescendo to the end to get the house clean and packed and our luggage ready to go.

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