Our first trip to Woolies (Woolworths the grocery store), we missed the turn and turned into the bar or casino. We were fiIMG_3098nally able to find the 1st floor car park (parking lot) that is under the store. Choosing what to buy was actually quite painful. Many things are slightly different, and we didn’t know if we would like what we bought.  We were already tired, but had to look at labels and read descriptions.  Good news: the soups and bouillons have no MSG! There are no Wheat Chex or real Cheerios. We settled on yummy granola and puffed wheat. Green pepper is capsicum.  Cantaloupe is rock melon. We recognized the lovely nectarines and mango and enjoyed them very much. Prices are in kilograms and look really steep. The loafs of bread are large and very good.  Hamburger is $17 a kilo, bananas are $4.40 a kilo. The entrance is an escalator like ramp. The trolley (cart) locks onto the ramp coming down and does not roll (maybe a magnet?)  We are still learning what to buy.


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