A Day at the Office

“Hello, Sydney South Mission, this is Sister Kinghorn”. That’s how I answer the phone if Sister Tolman is out. The bad news is, I don’t know many answers to the questions I get. The good news is, IMG_3102I know to send all questions about cars and finances to Elder Tolman, and questions about flats or anything in them to Elder Kinghorn. Sister Tolman is a great teacher.

I enter all the baptism records, which means calls and texts to the Elders and Sisters about spelling of names, which is the surname and do they have a parental consent form when the parents of a minor are not members.

I’m in charge of the incoming missionaries, so I make a file for each newly called missionary, mail their welcome packets, keep a daily updated list of arrivals, and prepare cards for the transfers board. It is fun to see their pictures and look forward to meeting them. I will also be in charge of buying bedding for the new missionaries, but we have plenty through March. Sister Peterson, who I replaced did as much as possible ahead, so I can gradually learn my job.  March 11 will be a big day for all of us in the office when we have 15 elders and sisters arrive.

Sister Tolman takes care of outgoing missionaries, ordering supplies, referrals, and sorting the mail. On Tuesday 3 March, we have Mission Leadership Council and we will fix lunch for 40.

I was worried about sitting at a computer all day, but there is constant variety. My favorite is walking to the Post Office in Mortdale both to mail letters and empty our PO Box. We often run other errands at the same time because the bank and shops close early. When President and Sister Back are in IMG_3110the office, they need reports from us and questions answered. On Monday, which is preparation day for the young elders and sisters, we see many missionaries. On Friday, after District meetings, the reception area with couches is packed with missionaries. They check all the mail and packages, and have broad smiles if one is for them. I really enjoy seeing the missionaries. I’m trying to learn all their names, which will take time since their are over 200. Here are two really special Elders, Elder Phillips from Perth on the left and Elder Wu from Hong Kong on the right. They are humble, calm, hard working young men who take initiative.


Here is another group of great Elders. From the left, Elders Ward, Cui, Lam and Bryce who all teach in Chinese. Elders Ward and Cui were teaching a young man in the library, when a another man burst in and told the investigator he should not listen to the missionaries but should come to his church. The Elders wondered how their investigator would react. He is very shy and does not talk much. They were so happy when he said, because of the way he felt he knew they were teaching the truth and that the Book of Mormon is true . Elder Bryce and Elder Lam brought their investigator to the office, Thursday, and announced he will be baptized Sunday. I look forward to attending.

Elder Kinghorn and I walk the short distance from our flat to the office each day. Sometimes we walk home for lunch. There is an older neighbor , Peter, on our way who we talk to regularly.


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