The Op Shop

IMG_3106That is what Australians call a thrift store. Our Op Shop in Mortdale is called Vinnies, short for St. Vincent de Paul. The store may not look like much, but had just what we needed. Sister Tolman and I walked there after getting the mail and came home with some great finds. She got 2 pieces of luggage for some of the missionaries, a mail bag and a nice decorative basket. I found face cloths. a pitcher, steamer, salt and pepper shakers and a small muffin tin for our flat. We put our treasures in the suitcases and rolled them back to the office!

Even though these walks are not long, my sandaled feet felt sunburned after going to Vinnies. So now I put on sunscreen every day. Wearing nylons lasted one week. Being in the sun is hot and the humidity is high. I know those of you experiencing ice and snow are not sympathetic!

There are many cottages with beautiful stained glass windows in Mortdale area. Here is one weIMG_3107 pass going to the Post Office.

We went to the doctor Wednesday afternoon in Peakhurst, so I could get an order for my regular blood draws. (Since I take blood thinner, I get my blood checked monthly.) We were surprised when the Medical Clinic was in an adapted small older home. The examining room was probably once a bedroom. The tiny parking lot was likely the side yard. Here is a picture of the pretty bottlebrush bush outside the clinic.



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