Our First Sightseeing

Saturday, 28 February 2015

We did the laundry, cleaning our flat and grocery shopping early today. Our little washer and dryer work well and the washer is fast. The dryer vents into the laundry room, but we just open the back door and close the laundry room door. We are getting more accustomed to Woolies, our grocery store. The wheat bread from the bakery is delicious and the meat is very fresh. For dinner, we fried lamb steaks in fresh garlic and olive oil. They were so good! I guess I do like lamb! We paired it with fresh corn on the cob and jacket potatoes (baked). It’s autumn here, so lovely fruits and vegetables in the stores.

In the afternoon, we took our first sightseeing trip to Botany Bay National Park, the beach where Captain Cook landed in the Endeavor. Here are a few pictures showing the beautiful views.


Left-a picnic area close to the beach and visitor center. Below, clustered clam or mussel shells.IMG_8351Left, monument to Captain Cook



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