Cooking for Forty

6 March 2015

First Missionary Meal

It was Missionary Leadership Council on Tuesday, and that means all the Zone leaders, Sister IMG_3113Trainers and Assistants to the President get treated to a lunch cooked by us two office secretaries. I scrubbed 40 potatoes on Monday and Sister Tolman cooked 14 pounds of pork in crock-pots all day. Tuesday morning I wrapped and baked all the potatoes and got the sour cream, butter, green onions and grated cheese ready. Sister Tolman walked to Mortdale and got fresh fruit and rolls. She made a delicious sauce for the pulled pork. Elder Kinghorn drove to the mission president’s home and got the cream puffs Sister Back forgot, and walked to our flat to get the margarine I forgot. I put on the tablecloths and got out all the paper goods. By noon, we had a delicious lunch of potatoes, pulled pork, fruit, rolls and cream puffs spread out. Some had the delicious pulled pork on their rolls, others put it on their potato. I talked Sister Tolman into serving the meat like my brother in law taught us. That way, everyone got a nice big serving. It was really tasty! Sister Tolman’s good cooking is going to be a treat. I forgot to take pictures except this one showing how big they sell the green onions here.

It felt good to sit at my desk after cleaning up the meal! Monday Night, we are making fajitas for the missionaries that leave next week.


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