Working Saturday

7 March 2015

Sydney South Mission needs 4 more flats and most inspections are held Saturday. The agent sets a 15 minute time slot for all interested to come and view the flat. In the morning, we inspected a 3 bedroom flat in Beverly Hills, just 10 minutes away, which is a definite possibility. It is a 2 story walk up and I don’t think it has air conditioning, but it is big enough that 6 elders could stay there when needed. It is for the 4 Assistants to the President, who often have elders staying with them. Elder Kinghorn will put in an application for it Monday.

We bought our groceries, packed a lunch, and then hurried off to Ingleburn, which is about 45 minutes away. There we are searching for a flat for sisters. We inspected a new 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom little house built in the backyard of an existing home. It was too small and not finished carefully at all. We dropped in on Sisters Ziengler and Hansen (from Germany and Sweden) to get an idea of where they live now. They have a beautiful, spacious 3-bedroom townhome. But the owners have decided to move in themselves.

We wanted to treat ourselves to some time in the country and stumbled on the perfect place, TheIMG_8396IMG_8400IMG_8412 IMG_8416IMG_8394IMG_8395Australian Botanic Garden. I especially enjoyed our peaceful hike in the forest and the beautiful views from the top of the hill. I practiced driving a bit on the one way, 30 k’s road. It was a perfect, very safe setting to adapt to the steering wheel on the right and the turn signals on the right.

Our next stop was Costco, which provided many of the ingredients for Monday’s fajitas. It is a big new store similar to ours in West Bountiful. But they were featuring samples of Indian food, and had many Asian products. We also left with guest towels (make your flight reservations to come see us!) and a full tank of gas.

We returned home in time for Elder Kinghorn to wash the car and I filled the bedding bags for 6 missionaries who arrive Wednesday: quilt, quilt cover, mattress protector, sheet set, pillow.

Then we walked over to the church for the Mortdale Stake Conference meeting. Here are a few highlights:

Wow, the Tongan and Samoan members sing so beautifully. The Young Single Adult choir was wonderful.

A recent convert shared what influenced him to be baptized. He valued the unconditional friendship without judgment of a ward member. He appreciated the service of members clearing their garden and giving his member wife rides to church while she applied for a driver’s license. He was impressed that members are an integral part of the church service. His experience was Greek Orthodox, and he could not understand the old Greek language of the services. He was also influenced by the Sunday School teacher and the missionaries encouraging him to have faith, but especially by reading the Book of Mormon.

Elder O’Rierdon, area Seventy:

Living prophets are modern day Peter, James and Johns.

The ideal is for children to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon before starting high school. Then they will want to keep high standards despite temptations. Read the Book of Mormon with them, then tell them now is the time to go pray and ask if it is true.

There was a Samoan village that did not allow any Mormons to enter. But there were families that converted in other places and returned to the village. A member quietly picked up these fellow members in a van each Sunday. The village High Chief saw the van and the Spirit told him to “Get on that bus.” Those on the van were afraid when he approached and asked to get on. He said that in 3 hours of church, all his questions about God were answered and asked to be baptized.


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