Busiest Day Yet

Monday, 8 March 2015

Transfers mean many elders and sisters meeting at the office with their luggage and bedding, getting with their new companion and traveling to their new area. Phones, cars and keys stay with each flat. Phones, cars and keys are supposed to stay with each area.

The drama increased greatly when 3 sisters coming for transfers were in a serious car accident. The first question Sister Back asked, “Are you hurt, is anyone hurt?” We were blessed that the answer was no. We all felt that blessing even more when we saw the pictures of the mangled car.  It was a total loss.

IMG_3167In the afternoon, Sister Tolman and I hauled all the food for the “leavers” dinner to the Mission President’s Home and started chopping and cooking. I had already cut up the chicken and started 6 batches of fajitas Sunday night. We added the peppers and finished cooking the fajitas, cut the fruit, warmed the tortillas, etc. Sister Tolman made delicious Spanish rice, salsa and guacamole and a cake! I know I’m talking about food a lot; it is a big part of my assignment and has been delicious!

The leaving missionaries were treated to an afternoon with President and Sister Back seeing SydneyIMG_3168 harbor. They arrived at the mission home hot and hungry.IMG_3169

The Assistants to the President.IMG_3173


Ladies eat first. Sister Panini on left is going home to Venice through Dubai tonight!

We were pleasantly surprised to be invited to stay for the testimony meeting that night. They are dependable, hard working, humble and delightful young men and women. In the Book of Mormon they would be called “delightsome”.IMG_3176IMG_3179

Left, Elder Phillips is standing on his toes! He conducted our Mission Conference with Elder Bednar. Elder Tito has gained a lot of weight and fits into Elder Kinghorn’s suit jacket comfortably. Right are two favorite sisters. The candy leis are a gift from a special Mortdale Ward member.


One thought on “Busiest Day Yet

  1. Janene

    You know, my dad talks a lot about preparing meals for missionaries, too. 🙂 It’s interesting to see that you made fajitas, when you said earlier that there wasn’t really Mexican food in Australia.



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