Sweet Sunday

8 March 2015

I love Sundays! It is so nice to relax in pajamas reading the scriptures in the morning. I enjoy having an unrushed breakfast.

I want to share a few highlights from my notes of our 10 am Stake Conference. I am learning to understand the Australian accent! The choir was superb again. They were a musical “item”.

The first speaker was a recent convert that is in a safe house with her 2 children. She fears her ex husband will harm her and her children. While collecting items from their home, she was so afraid, she knelt and said the most fervent prayer she has ever offered. She felt peace and calm, and the prayer even brought tears to her sister’s eyes. Besides trouble in her marriage, her mother recently died of breast cancer. Because of all her challenges, she could not sleep, and was looking at mormon.org. At 3 am she requested missionaries to bring her a Book of Mormon. She said my life is now filled with hope and each “Sunday recharges my batteries”.

Life is like paddling a canoe; one paddle is faith, the other is action. You will go in circles unless you use both.

Stake President Barton: Feed faith, starve doubt.

President Campbell 2nd counselor in the stake presidency: “I brought a wad of hand towels because I knew I would blubber”. (Interpretation: “I brought a lot of Kleenex because I knew I would cry.”)

Elder O’Rierdon:

Partaking of the Sacrament is the same as dressing in white and being immersed in baptism.

The gospel of Jesus Christ gets better and better. The fruit of the gospel is sweet.

The good you choose to do today blesses your unborn grandchildren.


One thought on “Sweet Sunday

  1. Janene

    A similar thought from my Stake Women’s Conference last month: the Chapel is an ordinance room, where we participate in the ordinance of the Sacrament.



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