Magic Phones

11 March 2015

IMG_3182Do you recognize our house phone? While still in Utah, Elder Kinghorn did some research and bought an old style Trimline phone at Radio Shack. We brought the phone and our Ooma Internet phone system to Sydney. Now they are all hooked up to the Internet. And, voila, you can call us using our home phone number, as if we were there in Centerville! We have an Internet phone in the office too that is the Tolman’s Texas number. Give us a call!

We are both also using our iPhones. Elder Tolman simply put new SIM cards tied to our mission phone numbers into our iPhones. So, if you have an apple product, you can message or face time us. With other phones you can text us using our Google voice numbers. Just like the young missionaries, we love to hear from you! And we check our email every day. Send pictures! Send texts! Technology blesses our lives every day!


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