A Trip Through the Blue Mountains

President Back decided that we needed a new set of elders in a town called Bathurst which is about 2 1/2 hours away to the west.  From Sydney you travel up and over the Blue Mountains and on into the interior of New South Wales.  Its about 200 kilometers.  Elder Kinghorn worked with the senior couple in the area to find a flat. They signed the lease on Friday.  To furnish the flat, they needed appliances, beds, etc.  We have several such items stored in our little garage here in Sydney.  We were already scheduled to go speak in the Bathurst branch on Sunday so it was a natural thing for us to take several of the needed items with us.

Elder Kinghorn has been driving here for the past month getting used to the “other side” of the road but he was a little worried about driving the mission van with a loaded trailer up through the mountains.  But it really was the only sensible way to get the needed items up there.  So we had the office elders come and help us load the trailer.  With careful planning and a small blessing we didn’t need to back the trailer in or out of our narrow long drive way.  We were able to park in front on the street.  Things worked beautifully and we went directly up through the mountains getting to Bathurst about 12:45.IMG_3227IMG_3211IMG_3207 IMG_3196IMG_3205IMG_3189

On our way we saw some beautiful scenery with some lovely vistas.  In the towns near the top of the mountains we saw leaves changing colors as we are moving towards fall.  Yes there is a hint of fall in the air here; even in Sydney.  We were excited to see yellow diamond highway warning signs for wild kangoroos.  Yes we really are in Australia. All these pictures were taken from the car. With the trailer, it was not easy to just pull off to the side of the road!


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