Welcome to Bathurst

18 March 2015

In Australia it is pronounced more like “Bathust”.

We will both admit it was a little stressful driving the loaded trailer through the Blue Mountains, so weIMG_3232 were very happy to arrive safely at the Elders flat. Elder and Sister Hill were there and we all went to work unpacking the trailer, cleaning appliances, and putting together beds. It is a very nice flat with lots of natural light and a high ceiling in the lounge (living room) and dining area. Sister Hill had found several nice dishes and glasses at the Op Shops (thrift stores). In the picture: from the left, Elder Lag’aia, Elder Hill, Elder Carver, Sister Hill and Elder Kinghorn.

Here is a happy Elder Kinghorn becauseIMG_3233 everything arrived safely.

Bathurst is a little cooler and dryer than Sydney, though they don’t have sprinkling systems for the farms. It is a beautiful valley surrounded by hills.

Brother and Sister Hill hosted us in their very nice 3-bedroom home while we were in Bathurst, to the right. (I think it may be the nicest “flat” in theIMG_1013 mission except for the Mission Home.)

I got to go with Sister Hill to a teaching appointment with Sisters Te Maari and Tati. They taught a beautiful lesson on temples, and I was able to share how much I love the peace and calm of the temple. The temple is special to me because I feel the Spirit of the Holy Ghost there. It was a really good experience for me to meet Amanda and her about 13-year-old daughter, Faith. Faith has already been baptized and will go to the Sydney temple for the first time Saturday.


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