First Kangaroos

Saturday afternoon, Elder Hill gave us a tour of Bathurst, first driving us to the racetrack on Mount Panorama. It is more like a healthy sized hill, but gives a lovely view of the city. We saw the pit stop alley and drove the actual track.IMG_8431IMG_8440IMG_8437IMG_8442

Very near the racetrack in Bathurst there are some open fields covered withIMG_8447 bushes and trees. We could see big brown/grayish rocks until they stood up and were kangaroos!  Although we had seen the yellow diamond shaped warning signs out on the highway, these were our first actual animals.  Some of them even hopped along IMG_8453the ground moving pretty quickly. They use their long tails to balance as they hop. The males are a bit larger than the females.

Saturday evening, the Hills treated us and the Elders to a dinner of IMG_8455large grilled T-bone steaks, home fries and vegetables from their garden. It was so delicious!

Then we practiced for the musical item (musical number) at church the next day. The Elders and one Sister sang and I played “I Know That My IMG_8448Redeemer Lives.”



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