Hat Shopping


Elder Arbado does not worry about sunburns.

Elder Kinghorn forgot the sunscreen. He and Elder Tolman and Elders Malkovich and Arbado spent the morning inspecting mission cars at the Fairfield Zone Conference. The church building there is newer, therefore no mature trees. The Australian sun is warm and bright.

We followed trip advisor’s suggestion and took the train to Town Hall and looked in the sportsman shops for good hats. It was easy to decide. There was only one XXL.


We walked to the harbor.


Elder Kinghorn in his new kangaroo leather hat.

It was only two stops on the subway and a short walk to the harbour where I got my first view of the Opera House.


One thought on “Hat Shopping

  1. Eva

    That hat is wonderful–and kangaroo!!! Did he ever in his life imagine himself buying a kangaroo hat? It must have been exciting to see the Opera House! Will you be able to go while you are there? The days seem to be flying by. I’m on pins and needles here now with “baby-watch!.” I leave on Thursday for Laura’s and she is having the baby on Friday! And Ashley is just so excited for hers, she can hardly sit still! Two more weeks! I am going to be busy this week doing so many last-minute details–getting a new phone, new glasses, buying little baby bracelets…so exciting! Love you! Have a great week!



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