A Little Opera Anyone?


The clearing sky makes for some nice color as the sun prepares to go down.


There are several outdoor cafes and bars built into the base of the opera house.


You can walk all around the outside base of the building giving you some interesting views of the jutting angles of the roof.

Here are some pictures of the most famous building in Sydney (and probably in all of Australia).  The Sydney Opera House sits on a spit of land that juts out to the north from the south side of Sydney Harbour.  I think it is supposed to remind you of a sailboat going out from the shore.  I can’t remember all the details I read about it but I do remember that it went way over budget and way past its expected completion date.  I believe there are multiple venues inside it and that it houses not only the opera but also the symphony.  We hope to go to performance here at some time during our time in Australia. IMG_8527 IMG_8514 IMG_8521 IMG_8513


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