Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge


This is the view from the train platform at Circular Quay.


This is looking up at the bridge from its base near the Rocks area on the south side.


These are some of the tall buildings that line the south side of the harbour.


There is a special tour that allows you to climb across the top of the bridge. They anchor you with special harnesses and tethers. It costs around $200 per person.

Over the past couple of weeks we have gone down to see the Sydney Harbour and bridge.  This is the most famous part of the city and also includes the Sydney Opera House.  Taking the train to Circular Quay (pronounced “key”) you can see the harbour quite well right from the train platform.  The Bridge spans the harbor linking the north and south sides of the harbor.  Most of the really tall buildings are on the south side of the harbour as is the opera house.  Near the base of the bridge is an area called the Rocks which is where the original settlement took place in Australia.  This is not the same spot where Captain Cook first landed but it is where the penal colony was established. IMG_8480 IMG_8507 IMG_8515


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