A Happy Autumn Easter

Happy Easter! We watched the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference on Dave’s iPad from 6-8:00 am this morning. (We shifted back to standard time from daylight savings time.) It felt so good to hear and see the choir and the speakers. It brought a wonderful Spirit into our little home. We attended two Easter Sacrament meetings, our Mortdale Ward and the Bankstown 3rd (Cantonese) Branch, where I played my violin while Sophia and Ian sang “If the Savior Stood Beside Me”. We did not understand the Cantonese, but we could really feel the love of the Savior as the choir sang fervently. They prepared and gave us an English translation of the special program they presented on the last week of the Savior’s life, His appearance in the Americas and His Resurrection. We were so glad to be there. (A note here about how well Sister Kinghorn played: It was beautiful, so smooth, and just right. The blend with the voices was perfect. Everyone was so touched by her special talent. As Sister Back our mission president’s wife said, “It was just like butter”.)

Mortdale Ward served scones to everyone right after church. Don’t imagine deep fried bread dough. They are a cross between a biscuit and a roll and can be slightly sweet. These were served with strawberry jam and cream. I have also tasted an orange one, but the best was blueberry and cream cheese. We have also enjoyed some hot cross buns in the spirit of the season.IMG_3304


One thought on “A Happy Autumn Easter

  1. Carrie Stott

    Dear Elder and Sister Kinghorn,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog posts and we hope you don’t mind if we follow even though we aren’t friends or family. This past Thursday, our son received his call to serve in the Australia Sydney South Mission and he and us could not be more thrilled that he will be serving the Lord full time here. We came across your blog as we were searching online for information about the area and mission. I have so enjoyed reading your posts and seeing a bit of the area and what the routine is like. Thank you so very much for your service, what a blessing it is to know as a parent that there are so many wonderful people such as yourselves watching out for the missionaries. Thank you again and how blessed your family will be for your service.
    Carrie Stott



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