A Little of This and a Little of That


Note the 2 clocks: Salt Lake time on the left, Sydney on the right.


Elder Tingey and Elder Ward serve in the Cantonese Branch.

The Assistants to the President moved this week to a very nice townhome. (The owners wanted to occupy their previous flat). The new flat has 3 bedrooms and 1 3/4 baths, but not as much storage space. The missionaries brought 4 LARGE boxes of books to the office. I got a nice hymnbook and children’s songbook that will be very useful as I prepare musical items for meetings.

Sisters Hansen and Ziegner also moved for the same reason, and the office elders returned from Ingleburn with 2 BIG suitcases of clothes and shoes and a huge pile of bedding that previous missionaries had left in the garage. Here are Elders Tingey and Ward trying on some hats found in the piles of clothes. Sister Tolman is superb in quickly sorting. We have already thrown away all that is worn, made a pile to donate to Vinnies and I have washed some of the bedding that was in good condition.

You may look at this picture of the church kitchen and ask, “Why is all the garbage on the counter?” But each bag is stuffed with delicious bread leftover from a local member owned bakery. We are enjoying the 3 loaves we took home. He gives the bread to several different churches. We never know when it will appear in our kitchen.



President Back with a few of his birthday balloons. Note his ever present cell phone to talk with missionaries.

Sydney area is very hilly, providing some beautiful views. The church building is also on a hill. The door in front is at ground level. On the large parking lot side, the entrance is up a flight of stairs. Our mission home entrance is down a small flight of stairs. We have keys to the outside door and the office. Sometimes we open it up in the morning and lock up at night, But the Tolmans tend to work longer hours.IMG_3301-1IMG_3300


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