First Guests


Planning Day 1.


Looking good after an all night flight!.

We got to the airport in plenty of time to pick up Vaughn and Christie for their 6:20 am arrival, but waited for them in the wrong area! We now know the International Terminal has both an A and B exit as passengers go through passport control and customs. Being able to text was very helpful. We will likely be picking up some missionaries next week, so are glad to be more familiar with the airport.


Outside seating on the ferry.

Vaughn and Christie spent their first day taking the train to central Sydney and touring the Sydney Opera House. They bought tickets that gave them unlimited train, ferry and bus rides for a week. We also have a low cost card for the transportation system that we tap on and off. In the large stations close to the city, you can’t get in or out of the stations without your card.


The Circular Quay train station is right at Sydney Harbour where many ferries are docked. We joined Vaughn and Christie there and rode the famous Manly Ferry to Manly Beach. It is a 2-story boat with some nice outside seating upstairs and in front. Many of the passengers are simply commuting. Here are some of the beautiful views we enjoyed from the ferry.

The walk from the wharf to the beach on the opposite side of the peninsula is short, like a few city blocks. It is full of all types of shops, restaurants and gelato places.

When we arrived at the beach, the wind was strong. Soon we were buttoning and zipping our jackets.


Docking at Manly.


The street to the beach caters to tourists.


Gusty, cool wind at the beach.


Back to Sydney Harbour.


Missionaries on Manly beach.

Seeing the Opera house and Manly Beach was a perfect way to stay awake their first day in Sydney. They seemed to sleep very soundly their first night. I was a little worried because our guest room just has a trundle bed. But they seemed to do fine.



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