Bondi Beach


This map shows Bondi beach at the top and Bronte at the bottom.

The towns along the beach from Bondi (pronounced Bond-eye) to Coogee have built a pathway along the coast where joggers, walkers, and tourists can enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean. The path is sometimes stairs when climbing the rocky outcroppings and sometimes blacktop or cement sidewalk above the beach.


Bondi Beach where we started our walk.

We joined Vaughn and Christie on a weekday morning, prepared to make the famous walk from Bondi to Coogee. The train took us to Bondi Junction and the bus took us to the beach. We only had to go across the street to start our walk. It was sunny and hot enough for swimmers, surfing and sunning. The views were gorgeous, as promised.IMG_8738IMG_8731IMG_8729IMG_3379IMG_8722IMG_8716


Bronte Beach where we ended up.

It was hot enough that I just made it to Bronte, where Vaughn treated us to a lunch of fresh fish and chips (French fries). The fish here is so delicious! We enjoyed our meal at a picnic table on the grassy area adjacent to the beach. The walk all the way from Bondi to Coogee is 6 kilometers, so we probably walked 3. This is definitely something we would like to do again! (The beach walk and the fish and chips!)


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