Here Come Transfers!

If you are a missionary, Transfers Week can be really intense. The heavy rains and wind this time made it more complicated. I’ve already told you about the dinner Sister Tolman and I prepare Monday night for all the missionaries that are leaving. Then President and Sister Back take all the missionaries to the airport Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening, all those missionaries that will be training new companions come into the Mission Home for their own training. Elder Kinghorn and I helped President and Sister Back by picking up 2 missionaries arriving Tuesday afternoon, and taking Sister Pelto for her flight home to Micronesia. Here are Elder Mahina from Tonga and Sister Tau from Tahiti. Note the shell leis Sister Tau is wearing. I thought it a very sweet gesture when she put a shell lei on Sister Pelto as she left for her flight home.IMG_3398


Just before orientation.


17 bags full (of bedding).

13 missionaries arrived early Wednesday morning. The Assistants to the President took them to get registered with a government agency called Working with Children. Then they brought them to the mission office for orientation and lunch. The trainers helped those with limited English sign a medical release and fill out papers. We made a simple lunch of sandwiches, fruit and chips.


Everyone is tired Transfer Week. Elder Knighton may be the only one who got a little nap (in the Conference Room).

During this time, President Back interviewed them each individually. They also had a testimony meeting. I stayed in the office waiting for a call from our 2 missionaries whose flight was diverted to Melbourne because of weather. By Wednesday night, our last 2 missionaries had arrived and all the new companionships were on their way to their new areas. Elder Kinghorn stayed later at the church, making sure everyone got on their way.


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