My First High Tea

13 May 2015

I attended the Mortdale Book Group Friday night hosted by Effie. The ladies there were from Greece, the Philippines,Thailand and, of course, Australia. After we visited and discussed the book, we had “High Tea”, which included herbal tea, cucumber sandwiches, pork rolls, cream puffs with a bit of jam in the very center, scones, Greek biscuits (cookies), biscuits with caramel, cream and a banana slice on top, and many other sweet treats. The treats here are not as sweet, but rich with butter and cream. Lynn brought beautiful antique china teacups, which were placed on doilies. There was enough food for all of us to take some home, so Elder Kinghorn was happy too.IMG_3446IMG_3444IMG_1194 IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1197

Sunday evening was the Cantonese Branch Young Single Adult Family Home Evening. It is nice to be invited since it has been many years since we were young adults! I really like being with that age group. We gathered at the Chen’s flat for a lesson, meal and game. The Elders taught a lesson on the importance of families, emphasizing that being a mother is the most important “job” a woman can have. We talked about things we had learned from our mothers. I shared how my Mom prepared very carefully for any assignment she was given for church or work. She was very dependable.

For the meal, there was a big bowl of fried rice and we made our own sushi. There was no raw fish. They were what we would call California rolls in the United States. They were really good with rice, chicken or tuna, egg, and lettuce, etc. I had a hard time deciding what food to take to share, and settled on carrots and cucumbers. That turned out well because many put them in their sushi rolls. I also took some cookies, and the young American Elders had a few. The Chinese members don’t eat many sweets.

The game was really fun. We each wrote the name of a person or character then put it on the forehead of the person to our left. We went around the room asking questions that could be answered yes or no, trying to figure out who we were. There was a lot of fun laughter. Some of the hard ones to guess were Hitler, Peter Pan and Shakespeare. I was Prince William and Elder Kinghorn was President Thomas Monson.


2 thoughts on “My First High Tea

  1. Nancy Cropper

    How fun! Your book club sounds great. Are they members or neighbors? I know what you mean about the Chinese and sweets. A dear girl in our YSA Ward made chocolate chip cookies for a Chinese girl following her baptism. She had no idea what they were.


  2. Eva

    I always wondered what high tea was all about. Thanks for sharing all the details. I remember the Argentine sweets were not very sweet, either.



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