Bits and Pieces

22 May 2015

How You Going? That is how we are often greeted here in Australia. It is like saying “How’s it going?” or “How are you doing?”IMG_3447

When we went to the temple, the camellia bushes were in bloom! We sat on a bench and soaked up some sunshine. It is lovely to have blooms year round. But we do have lots of very heavy rainstorms.IMG_3449

Next to the temple is an area office and distribution store. While Elder Kinghorn was on the phone discussing flats, I took these pictures. Do you think these flowers look like corn on the cob? This is the beautiful building the offices are in.IMG_3452IMG_3450

This is our excellent Branch mission leader, Rabindra. He is Indian and from Malaysia. His beautiful wife is from China. I love the diversity and many cultures here.IMG_3454


Blake and Mei


Elder Bryce trying his luck at playing Blake.


Blake and Brother Pong (yes the name fits).

We saw our first professional ping-pong player Friday night at the Bankstown 3rd (Cantonese) Branch sports night. At least, he is very good and wears a shirt with his name on the back. Blake is a recent convert who learned about the church from his girlfriend, Mei, a member going to the same ping-pong club. Blake stood very far back from the table and ran a lot. It would be really fun to see him play against some of our family members. Brother Pong, his heavyset opponent surprised us with how fast he could move. They seemed equally matched.


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