Vivid Lights in Sydney

30 May 2015


Martin Place. The food booths are to right and left with projected lights above.

Ten of us, including President and Sister Back, took the train into the city Thursday night for a harbour cruise to see “Vivid Lights”. We walked through the food booths and displays in upscale Martin Square (that is where the terrorist held people hostage in a coffee shop last January). We were on our way to Darling Harbour. There we got on the boat and could see fireworks in the distance, as well as moving lights projected on the buildings.

Martin Place-as I touch the metal edge, I am playing "music".

Martin Place-as I touch the metal edge, I am playing “music”.

Martin Place

Harbor Bridge


Opera House with coloured lights


Opera House from under the Harbor bridge

As we floated toward Circular Quay, the bridge was specially lighted and had projected images on each brick buttress. The opera house was spectacular with dancing images on the “sails”. The projected images on the Modern Art Museum were all different shapes and colors and sometimes looked like a game of Tetrus. We decided to get off the boat right there at Circular Quay so we could watch all the light displays longer.


Downtown Sydney at Circular Quay.


View of downtown from the boat.

Modern Art Museum

The Modern Art Museum.

Best was the clever “movie” with music projected on the Custom House that matched the façade of this beautiful old government building. We happened to see it as we were walking to catch the train back to Mortdale. There were crowds of people enjoying the lights with us. Apparently, there are many more events associated with “Vivid Sydney”. The part we got to see was amazing!


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