A Sunday Afternoon in Wollongong

13 June 2015

We invited the Tolmans to come to our home for lunch the Sunday after they moved. We all decided to take the train together to Wollongong and see some of the south coast. (Roundtrip fare on the train on Sunday is just $2.50 with our Opal travel cards) While on the train, we saw lots of open areas in the Royal National Park with no development, just trees and bushes. Some Australians call any undeveloped areas being out in the bush. It took about an hour to reach the North Wollongong station and included some beautiful sightings of the coast, but then we had a fair walk to the coast. We were rewarded with these beautiful views.

Wollongong is a good sized city (about 300,000) with at least one university. The mountains to the west are called the Illawarra Escarpment. We have multiple sets of missionaries serving in Wollongong. IMG_8875IMG_8883IMG_8878


Lighthouses in the distance.


Apartments and hotels right by the beach.


Along the walking path.

Along the walking path.




2 thoughts on “A Sunday Afternoon in Wollongong

  1. Shelly O

    I love reading your blog! Thanks for all the updates. Makes me want to come visit. I love the pictures of vivid Sydney. And all the fun missionaries you work with.



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