21 June 2015

We had the great opportunity this last Wednesday of picking up two new missionaries from the airport, Elders Palelei and Faalelei. (Because of Zone Conference, President and Sister Back could not be at the airport.) We drove the mission van so we would have room for all their luggage. Their mission calls are for Papa New Guinea, but they will serve in the Sydney South Mission until their visas come. They are cousins, both from Liverpool, New South Wales, which is in our mission! We brought them to the Mission Home and gave them a short orientation that includes health release papers, getting to know you papers, how to use their new debit, transportation and health insurance cards. We give them an orientation book that is filled with most information, hoping they will review anything they don’t remember. In the back of the book, President has had us include some talks, including “Beware of Pride” by President Ezra Taft Benson. I was so impressed when Elder Palelei started studying it as soon as he finished his forms.

We took the new Elders to meet their companions in Parramatta. A flat with 4 Elders suddenly has 6! We were very happy to follow President Back’s instruction to take them all out for lunch. A favorite with the missionaries here is Kentucky Fried Chicken. The 8 of us devoured a lot of chicken!IMG_1321 IMG_1317 IMG_3498 IMG_3497


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