New Chinese Friends

Wrapped Sticky Rice

Wrapped Sticky Rice

27 June 2015

Sister Xu gave us some sticky rice and some home-grown grapefruits from her neighbors tree. The rice had red beans and tiny shrimp and was wrapped in a leaf and tied with twine. I followed her instructions and cooked it 5 minutes in the microwave sitting a bowl of water. The leaf smelled so good and gave it a unique flavor. It was really good!IMG_3496


After one taste of grapefruit.

The grapefruits were so sour! We had to really pour on the sugar to eat any! I can see why her neighbor was giving them away! We received limes from one of our neighbors, and they were very nice.


Joy, Cindy, Sophie and Sophia

IMG_3545The Cantonese Branch Relief Society organized a Baby Shower to honor 4 Sisters in the Branch that are expecting. Here we are in front of the refreshment table. You would recognize the fruit and the crackers with vegetable dip. But have you ever been served red bean soup? It is slightly sweet, served hot and has tiny translucent balls, maybe made from rice. It is okay. What I really liked were the cherries.

We went to the temple with members of the Chinese branch. Here are the first and 2nd counselor in the bishopric and their wives. They are all four wonderful leaders! I met Ian and Sophia when we first arrived in Sydney.

Tianya, Chen, Sister Kinghorn, Ian and Sophia.

Tianya, Chen, Sister Kinghorn, Ian and Sophia.


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