Bridge Over The St. Georges River

28 June 2015


A Gum tree in Como park.


View from the bridge.


Small beach and one of the fishing docks.


It’s a long bridge!

We are so busy with our assignments, we have to sneak in some relaxing time! In Oatley, near the Mission Home, there is a lovely walking and biking path that includes a long bridge over the St. Georges River (that is the correct spelling with an s at the end). President and Sister Back discovered the path while walking in the morning. The commuter train tracks are on one side with homes built on the rocky hill above. On the other side are many bushes and very large trees and a view of the homes below. Last Saturday afternoon we walked all the way across the bridge and to the park in Como, the town on the opposite shore. We saw beach, beautiful homes with docks, many types of boats, and mussel shells clinging to the rocks. There were many runners completing a 3K, 5K, and 10K race. It was fun to read the encouraging signs the race organizers had chalked on the pavement. It was sunny and just cool enough for a jacket. We did see people fishing from the docks.IMG_3513

Looking back at the bridge.

Looking back at the bridge from Como.


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