Sunny Saturday at Cronulla Beach

29 June 2015

As we planned our Saturday, we realized our only free time during daylight hours was in the morning. So we decided to leave early for an outing. I cleaned the bathroom while Dad studied a nice place to go. (It is great to have only 1 bathroom to clean!) He chose Cronulla Beach, about 30 minutes drive from here. The Tolmans like it because it is close and parking is free. It is a very family friendly beach with grassy playgrounds, restrooms, snack bars and restaurants, and a path looking down on the water. It was fun to watch the skilled surfers riding the waves. I was surprised to see swimmers in the cold water.IMG_9073

Swim between the flags.

Swim between the flags.



Families enjoying the beach.


We walked all along the beach path and back again, then up into the town shopping area. They have taken the main street area and made it a pedestrian mall. There was small ice skating rink (think winter here though the temperature was in the low 60s) and many shops and restaurants. We bought an apple strudel and pecan tart to enjoy while sitting on the benches.IMG_9098




One thought on “Sunny Saturday at Cronulla Beach

  1. Eva

    Love all of your pictures–looks like you are having a great holiday!!!

    We returned from England last night. Oh, what a great time we had! Just spectacular! We went to Oxford for the 800 year anniversary of Magna Carta. We stayed in the student housing. Oxford is made up of a number of colleges that are independent but together comprise the university. We were given the key to Henry Manchester college and a dorm room (with maid service) and breakfast in the dining hall. A few of the students were still there even though term had just ended. We got to see test day and graduation day, where the students dress in all of their colorful and dignified regalia. The students dress in tails with carnations in their lapels for their exams, and each college has different graduation outfits and some are really something to see, though I understand that they don’t appreciate people taking their pictures so I only took one or two surreptitious shots on exam day.

    Our college had a beautiful little chapel with stained glass on four sides, a beautiful courtyard with gardens and a water fountain, and most exciting was seeing two Oxford students playing a rousing game of croquet (sp?) on the sunsplashed lawn. After the game, I spoke with them and they gallantly took my photo trying it out. The college has a croquet game sitting out in an alcove for anyone to play whenever they want to. When I told one of the students that I had a game at home but didn’t really know the rules, he went and got the rule book from the box and gave it to me so that I could learn! It’s an honor system about bringing it back, I assume, like buying the postcards was. We chose them near the chapel but then had to take them to the office to pay for them. We went on a sightseeing trip around Oxford, went shopping at Blackwell’s Book Store, where they were celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll went to Oxford), and went to evensong at Christchurch.

    The conference on Magna Carta was just amazing. So many scholars with so many credentials. Elder Bruce Hafen gave the fireside address the day before the conference opened. We got to go to Runnymede, where there is a memorial. Then we toured Windsor Castle, but the lines were so long that we only had about 20 minutes to see it, and then had to run off to London, where we had a special privilege. We were invited to dinner at the Inner Temple, That isn’t religious, at least not anymore. It is one of the four bar associations in England, and one of the barristers had arranged it for us, so we got to go in the ancient church built in the round by the Knights Templar and have dinner with the retired chief lord justice (probably I have the title wrong, because they have so many confusing titles, but basically he was the retired chief justice of the supreme court) as well as other barristers and the only female member of Parliament.

    I was seated directly across from the barrister who arranged the dinner. He is QC: Queen’s Counsel! He mentioned that even though the queen has had his phone number for three years, she hasn’t yet called him. 🙂 He has met her on several occasions, however, and said she is very genuine and delightful to be with. There was so much noise going on with everyone talking at these long tables that we could barely hear each other, which was probably just as well because I tried to make small talk but felt like everything I said was so exceedingly trivial! I started by asking if he had family there, and he said, “No.” So that was that–I don’t know many questions to ask the Queen’s Counsel! At one point when I was searching for something to say and nothing was coming, I mentioned Prince William. He said, “Oh, would you like to see a picture of me with him last weekend?” and he whipped out his cell phone and, sure enough, he had a close-up picture (by which I mean, one taken standing right beside him) of Prince William doing the previous week’s English celebration at the memorial at Runnymede! I thought pictures like that were only on the front covers of magazines–not ones that you can casually pack around on your cell phone! I felt largely as though we had been royally treated in London!

    Oh, there is all of our London part of our trip still to tell, but I think I should be getting back to bed. I slept four hours and woke up. My sleeping time is messed up right now. It is 4 AM and I am going to try to go back to sleep now…
    Just to make it short, we packed so much in our few days in London. Saw the Tower of London and crown jewels, Shakespeare’s Globe re-creation, Churchill War Rooms, St. Paul’s Cathedral for evensong, spent five hours at Westminster Abbey and were just in awe of all of the people buried there as well as, for me, putting my Thorndike ancestors in context of when they were there [Henry Purcell became the organist there about 9 years after my 8th-great grandfather died–John Blow was the organist when my grandfather was there] seeing where they are buried in the Abbey wall (the plaque is gone, due to construction, but they are still buried in the wall by the steps from the East Cloisters. We went back for an organ concert on Sunday evening (ah! the magnificence!). Needless to say, I bought a couple of CD’s and plan to listen to them later today!!!
    Oh, sorry for running on so long. I know you’d like to know what all they said at the conference and I’ll tell you another time. Will let you get back to the missionary work. I loved going to all of those chapels and churches but it made me so thankful to have the restored gospel in my life. Hope your day is going well.




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