Meeting or Party?

30 June 2015

IMG_3522Sister Vos, a former missionary from New Zealand, came back for a visit. She surprised President and Sister Back. They were so happy to see her! Sister Tolman knew her really well because she served in the Mortdale zone a long time.IMG_3521

A pattern has emerged for staff meetings: dinner and planning every other Tuesday night. Our most recent meeting was at the mission home. I provided the tossed salad and Sister Tolman brought an apple pie. (The Mortdale Ward young woman cooked pies as a fundraiser. Sister Tolman helped by peeling, cutting and cooking an entire box of apples!) Sister Back cooked tater tot casserole, beans, fresh corn on the cob, and warmed crusty baguettes. It was a feast. Tater tot casserole can be delicious! She also made fresh caramel. Dave loved the caramel. He enjoyed it before, during and after dinner. I loved the pie! We all were glad to relax and visit.

Finally we started talking ‘business’. We discuss cars, flats, orientation books, transfer boards, finances, missionaries leaving, bedding, etc. Sister Back is thrilled that they finally installed a transfer board at the Mission Home. She happily showed it to us all. While we were talking, Sister Vos returned from time with friends. (She stayed in the Mission Home for a couple of nights.) She sat down with us and enjoyed some of the meal. Having her there was very helpful. It was very interesting to listen to her perspective now she has been released. She was able to give us a young missionary’s view.IMG_3526

President Back was excited to take a picture of us all using his new apple watch to control the camera on his iPhone. I will ask him to send me the picture of the whole group.IMG_3524


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