Bits and Pieces

IMG_3503 IMG_350219 July 2015

You can find us most Saturday mornings at a very nice nearby grocery store, Woolies (short for Woolworths). It has seating for a coffee shop by the floor to ceiling windows. There is also a Chemist (pharmacy) where they are very friendly to us. The women at the cash registers can see this view.

The mailboxes for villas (1 story townhomes) are usually encased in a brick wall. I’ve seen the postman deliver on a scooter or with a trolley. They walk or ride along the sidewalk. There is no delivery on Saturday, which really makes a difference! Delivery is much slower. These are the homes right next to the building where our office is located. There are five connected homes where we live, with the garages between each home. You are welcome to fill our mailbox! IMG_3298

IMG_3303I thought I would be ironing every Saturday, but it is not that often. And Elder Kinghorn is willing to iron some himself. I have become very accustomed to wearing skirts every day. I feel very comfortable in them. We women wear warm knee high socks or tights on cold days.

IMG_3572Sister Tolman inherited a nice blue ukulele from one of the leaving Elders. There is also a very nice case someone left. She has already learned 1 song using a Youtube lesson. Elder VonHatten is going to teach her more.

IMG_3549This is Vi, short for Viola, a sweet sister and friend from the Mortdale congregation. She has a great talent baking and making jams and marmalade that she sells. Sometimes, she brings us delicious samples. These are lemons she will use to make lemon butter! I had to get a picture of lemons that big.

IMG_3534Here are the Assistants to President Back before 15 July. From the left, Elders Cunningham, Searle and Shelton. I really liked Elder Shelton (on the right) because he reminded me of our sons: he has a very tender heart and an enormous appetite!

IMG_3532The camellias next to our front porch are delighted with the cold weather. The grass under them is carpeted with petals. This is the first thing I see leaving the house each morning. Lovely!


One thought on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Eva

    As I read your post about all you are doing there, I couldn’t help but think what a wonderful new dimension this is in your life. I am so happy for you. It is fun to hear how you are stretching (teaching English, handling all the missionary details, enjoying people of many cultures, etc.). I know how dedicated you are when you have something to get done, so I’m sure the President and his wife are so thankful for you! We love you! Have a wonderful day! Love, Eva



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