7 September 2015

Sisters Albano and Makabenta.

Sisters Albano and Makabenta.

IMG_3564Generous Sister Albano and Sister Makabento brought each companionship in our Mortdale area some fresh sushi they had made. (In the United States they would be called California rolls.) The day President and Sister Back interviewed all the missionaries in the Mortdale Zone, Sister Albano brought us a treat made using cassava and coconut milk. Both the sushi and treat were very good!


Note the bedding bag and orientation book behind Sister Albano. We have visa waiters come in between regular arrival dates.


Gill, a new convert, Elder Yim and Rabindra.


Sister Cou, Sister Xie and Sister Pang.

Sister Cou, Sister Xie and Sister Pang.

The members of the Chinese Branch serve a meal after church 3 of 4 Sundays each month. The food is nice, but I think the greatest gift is the time it gives us to visit with each other.

Generous Sister Hill always brings us gifts when they drive from Bathurst to Sydney. Friday, when they came for our senior dinner, they brought us a flat of double yolk eggs! It is like getting a 2 for 1 sale on your eggs. Each egg is enormous and has 2 yolks.

Sisters Hansen, Iuli and Green.

Sisters Hansen, Iuli and Green.


Elder Knighton gets a letter!

One of the greatest gifts a missionary can receive is a letter or package! Sisters Hansen and Iuli are smiling because they know Sister Green will share the homemade jam.


Kinghorn’s Australian art gallery.

IMG_3752Elder Kinghorn was very happy to receive a Father’s Day card from our daughter that included artwork by our sweet grandchildren. How thoughtful that she learned Father’s Day is the 6th of September here in Australia!

Did you notice the new fridge? The door wouldn’t stay shut on the old one. We are so happy to have a full sized fridge! Now we have enough room when we are cooking for 30. Another gift!


One thought on “Gifts

  1. eva

    Great pic of Elder Kinghorn! We are enjoying the pictures so much–they are like little windows into your missionary life! Have a good week! Love, Eva and Scott



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