A Week in Australia

8 October 2015

Ilene, Dave, Bovey, Brother Cou

Ilene, Dave, Bovey, Brother Cou


Walking toward Central Sydney.


What happens during the week when you are serving as office missionaries? Here are a few details from recent weeks.

Our Chinese Branch activity on the last Saturday in September included the walk from the Opera House to the Botanical Garden. The path continues along the coast at the edge of Sydney’s immense Botanical Garden, which is 200 years old in 2016. Elder Kinghorn took many beautiful photos, so later I will try to create a blog entry just on our Branch activity.

Elders Chen, Soon, Cheuk, Brown and Smith.

Elders Chen, Soon, Cheuk, Brown and Smith.


Elders Li, Chen and Cheuk with some Branch members.

Last Wednesday, 5 new Elders assigned to speak Mandarin arrived! You can tell who traveled the longest and farthest by the looks on their faces. They are from Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, England and Utah. We got to know them a little bit through orientation, then they were off to the Mission Home for a late lunch. We were happy they were all assigned to our Branch, so we saw them again on Sunday.

Elders Cheuk and Chen enjoying our Sunday meal.

Elders Cheuk and Chen enjoying our Sunday meal.


Elder Soon and Elder Kinghorn

Sister Bogidua with the Tolmans.

Sister Bogidua with the Tolmans.

With Sister Bogidua.

With Sister Bogidua.

I can’t remember if this was the time Sister Bogidua came into the office because she lost her keys or her phone or her Opal card (train and bus card). She is so fun, friendly and hard working, it is hard to get frustrated with her. She gave us all hugs and asked for pictures. Did you notice the clocks behind the Tolmans? I may have told you the clock on the left is Sydney time and the clock on the right is set for Salt Lake time. Elder Kinghorn changed our Sydney clock forward an hour Monday because of daylight savings time here in New South Wales. (That is the Australian State we live in.)

Most Fridays, all the missionaries come to the church for district or zone meetings. We often see them just before their meetings start because they come into the office asking for whiteboard markers or to use the copy machine. We help them figure out 2 sided copies.

Then after their meeting they ask for pamphlets and pass along cards. We have a nice supply room full of books, CD’s, pamphlets, pass along cards and planners. Sister Tolman and I don’t like to let the missionaries in there unsupervised! They get excited and take more than they need. She calls it “Walmart shopping”.

Sisters Makabenta, Kinghorn and  Tsai.

Sisters Makabenta, Kinghorn and Tsai. That’s Elder Soon with the rabbit ears. He is really fun.

This week Sister Tsai invited us into the kitchen for treats. It was her last meeting with our Mortdale Zone before she went home and she baked us all cupcakes with cheesecake centers and little rolls. I can’t remember what the rolls were called, but they were filled with a mixture of butter, sugar and powdered milk. The tops were brushed with egg before baking. They were both delicious!

Sister Macmillan from South Africa and Sister Tau from Tahiti.

Sister Macmillan from South Africa and Sister Tau from Tahiti.

A big part of our job is associated with mail; typing and printing letters, getting them signed, and stuffing envelopes. Someone walks to the post office each day, often Sister Tolman. All the letters and packages are sorted into the 7 mission zones. When we have Mission Leadership Council Tuesday, all the zone leaders will take mail to each of the missionaries in their areas. Everybody loves mail. Sisters Macmillan and Tau serve close to the mission office now, so were able to check for mail when they came. Look what Sister Macmillan found!


One thought on “A Week in Australia

  1. Eva

    Enjoyed hearing and seeing your experiences! We’ve been gone for 3 weeks to various conventions and also to Lake Powell with the Woolleys. I got to learn how to canoe. We also went to Church on Sunday with the Navajos and some Spanish people.

    Love you!



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