IMG_3790October 15, 2015

We got a taste of summer with 2 very hot days. We really didn’t want to use the dryer because it vents right into the flat and warms it up a lot. It was a perfect day to use the clothesline and have fresh smelling sheets. My Mom used to hang the sheets on the line for that very reason.IMG_1766

IMG_1771We found this pair of beautiful Lorikeets house hunting while walking in nearby Oatley. They spent a long time inspecting the deep hole in this trunk. They were still there when we returned.


Elders Madsa, Elizaga, Plata and Simon

Two new Elders from the Philippines arrived last Thursday. Here they are with their companions. We gave them an orientation in the conference room and had them fill out all the necessary papers, then President Back took them and their companions out to lunch.

With many beautiful spring days, it is nice to spend some time outside. We took our packed lunch and had a little picnic on the benches in front of the church. Here are some of the nearby spring flowers. The red flowers are gravinia or bottle brush. The white flowers look like Utah’s morning glory, but they are not an obnoxious weed.

IMG_3795 IMG_3799



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