Our Chinese Friends

We were blessed with a dinner invitation from Ian and Sophia on a Sunday night. They

Ian and Sophia, Elders Lee, Cheung and Yim

Ian and Sophia, Elders Lee, Cheung and Yim

invited Elders Cheung, Lee and Yim to come for a “goodbye” dinner, but none of them drive. We were asked to be their

Front: Elders Yim and Cheung, Ian and Sophia. Back: Elder Lee and Sister Kinghorn

Front: Elders Yim and Cheung, Ian and Sophia. Back: Elder Lee and Sister Kinghorn

transportation. So we picked the Elders up from their flat in Hurstville and drove to Epping, where Ian and Sophia live. It is a lovely suburb not too far from the Sydney Temple, about 45 minutes away on a Sunday (1 ½ hours on a weekday). We knew immediately Ian was relaxed and happy because he greeted us at the door in his pajamas! We discovered Sophia is an excellent cook. She says it was her father that taught her how to cook. Our experience with Chinese meals: everyone is given a small bowl and chopsticks. Soup is served first. Sophia called it Chinese medicine because of the healthy herbs that are included. The translucent noodles in the soup are called green bean noodles and are also made with rice flour. Because we were given 1 bowl, I had to finish my delicious soup before I could start on the several different stir-fry dishes she prepared. One of the vegetable dishes was so spicy that I could not finish it. But Elder Cheung, who is from Sichuan province, could barely taste the spices! After the meal, the Chinese elders asked for warm water to drink. It was a lovely evening.

We were impressed when Elder Lee gave a short spiritual in English. He is a new missionary just learning English.


Front: Ping, SuNan, Shirley, Xiu Gi, Jeff; Back: Ping’s husband, Elder Knighton, Sister Kinghorn, Elder Cheung, Jeff.

Some of our English students have become good friends. We practice conversations introducing ourselves and talking about our family, so we learn about each other. Xiu Gi, who I taught in our little advanced class, came to the church on Sunday and found me so she could say goodbye. She and her family had moved to Carlingford. I thought that was really sweet of her!


Elders Lee, Kinghorn, Soon and Brown, SuNan, Elder Chen and Li, Sister Kinghorn, Li

Elder Soon had a fun idea to celebrate hisbirthday at the end of English class. We taught them the English words for cake, candle, blow, sing, wish, etc. It was fun to see different traditions. Elder Soon clapped as we all sang. Li said that the western tradition of cake and candles to celebrate a birthday is being adopted in China!IMG_3804 IMG_3813


One thought on “Our Chinese Friends

  1. Eva

    I get hungry for Chinese food every time you mention it. Will you still want to go to the Mandarin when you get back, or have your tastes changed now after eating all of the real Chinese food there? Are they different?



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