How Nice

15 November 2015

IMG_3592IMG_3593Serving a mission has many challenges, but there are so many nice things we enjoy. These blessings give balance to our experiences and give us encouragement to keep working. Today I am sharing many of the day to day little blessings.

We shop each week at Woolies (Woolworths), a large nearby grocery store with easy parking. I drive there to get practice on roundabouts and parking. The food is fresh and delicious. There are so many different kinds of oranges. There is a sweet, bumpy skinned mandarin with no seeds.

IMG_3597The missionaries and members are very kind to us. This box of pineapple cakes was a gift from Li Wei and Sophie from our Chinese Branch. They were a little like a pineapple fig newton with lighter crust.

IMG_3520I love seeing others talents. Sisters Lee and Siale helped members paint these intricate designs for a Trek Fireside presentation on pioneers in Australia.

IMG_3674It is great to be close to so many beaches. We can be wading in the ocean after a short drive or ride on the train.


When we first arrived, the chair at my desk was very uncomfortable. Instead I used one of the conference room chairs. It was much lower, so I held my keyboard in my lap. But it supported my back perfectly and felt great. I was up and down a lot since there were no wheels. Finally, Trevor, who helps with all the church buildings in the Sydney area, found me a chair. There are budget requirements here just like in a business. It was a little big for me, so kind Dave swapped with me and we are all sitting comfortably in the office.


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