Dinner at the Kwoks


Elder Lee and Elder Brown with the electric fly swatter.

We were happy when Sister Kwok called and invited us to dinner on a Saturday. When we arrived, we were happy to see the Fungs, Lees, and the young Elders. Then Blake and Mei arrived. Everyone but us missionaries brought something for the meal, so I may take a little fruit next invitation.

The flies kept sneaking in every time the door was opened, so Brother Kwok got out his electric fly swatter. It is battery operated and kills the fly as soon as you touch it! The Elders loved it and vanquished all the flies.


Whole shrimp, mushrooms at top, chicken wings right.


Pork meatballs.


Mushrooms and wings.

We had to wait a while for the last guests, so everyone was glad to eat. I decided to use chopsticks and I think that would be a good way to lose weight! I was able to get plenty to eat. Brother Lee taught me how to peel the shrimp and dip it in sauce. Delicious. We are told the shrimp are boiled in seawater right after they are caught then quickly frozen. They taste very fresh.


Elders Lee, Brown and Soon. Elder Soon got a pork meatball with his chopsticks!


Sister Lee and Brother Lee.

Brother and Sister Lee are newlyweds. I think they got married in February. He is very funny and she is gentle and kind. He is also very good cook. I really liked the noodle dish he brought. There were chicken wings, and Peking duck and a mushroom dish. These mushrooms are darker in color and have a rubbery texture. I really like dessert: a scoop of vanilla ice cream in red bean soup. It was a little like a root beer float.


President Fung, Blake, Mei, Sister Fung, Sister Kwok, Brother Kwok.


Red bean float.

Let me tell you a little about the Kwok family. They are from Hong Kong, but raised their children here in Sydney. Their daughter is the pianist that has accompanied me on several occasions. She is in charge of public affairs for the church in Sydney and is a talented organizer. In our Branch, Brother Kwok is the Elder’s Quorum president and Sister Kwok is in the Relief Society presidency.


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