Weekend in Narooma

Our first stop on our way to Narooma was Fitzroy Falls. A platform over the canyon gave us a beautiful close up view of the falls. Then we hiked along the edge to see the falls across the canyon.

After a nice dinner we enjoyed with the Jensens and the young missionaries, Sisters Nelson and Bashford, we hurried off to see kangaroos before dark. They congregate in a nearby holiday park (vacation cabins on the beach).

We saw these seals right near the harbour in Narooma Saturday morning.

This is called Australia rock because it matches the map of Australia. It is right across from the seals. Now we are down the Sapphire Coast.

Beautiful views at every stop. Our hosts, the Jensens, are from Pingree, Idaho.

We tried a dirt road to another water fall, but turned back after the third log that had to be moved off the road. There were large termite mounds all over the forest. The termites are smaller than ants and look translucent. The mounds can be very hard, but these were softer because of the heavy rain and wind storm the previous night.


Look at this iguana we discovered as we hiked to the beach where the Narooma Branch holds baptisms.

We drove all the way to Marimbula, the farthest south town where our mission has missionaries. It is nearly to the border with Victoria. The Branch building looks like it was formerly a small motel. We looked at the missionary flat and enjoyed lunch at a restaurant on the harbour.IMG_9846

Elder Kinghorn really wanted to go wading on the beach in Marimbula.


The drive back to Narooma was through Bega cheese country. It could be called the Cache Valley of Australia. We stopped in a little town for ice cream.


Sunday morning we walked the boardwalk hoping to see sting ray and octopus. It was a beautiful morning with a chilly wind off the water. The Narooma Branch has a small meetinghouse on the main street. It is on the 2nd floor above a restaurant and adjacent to a real estate office. Elder Kinghorn and I both spoke in Sacrament Meeting and I played my violin. The members were very kind and welcoming.

Left are the Humes, the newest members in the Branch. At right are President Watt and his wife. They manage a holiday park in the mountains that includes a swimming pool. We were all invited for Sunday dinner at the Jensens.

It was a delightful weekend. We enjoyed our ride north along the coast back to Sydney. We saw green valleys, sunshine and rain, which made a pretty rainbow. We were surprised to see the Kinghorn car dealerships in Nowra. There must have been some distant Kinghorn relatives in the area at some point in time.



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