Temple Christmas Lights

15 December 2015

We were surprised to see how elaborate the Christmas display is at the Sydney Temple. There are lighted life size outdoor displays of all the events around the birth of the Savior. In the center of those displays is a large photograph of the Christus statue in the Salt Lake visitor center. That was the most popular spot for photos. Sister Panana, Elders Fotu and Faimasasa and Sister Koster are in front of the statue of Christ.

IMG_2167 IMG_2168

There are multi colored lights on the trees, bushes and fences all over the grounds. It just looks so different here with all the green leaves and flowers! But, it makes it feel more like Christmas.

Inside the main office building is a beautiful arrangement of paintings of the Savior’s life. I took pictures of some favorites. Here is the Savior’s birth and Him working with Joseph.


Here He heals the man at the pools of Bethsaida.

There is also a nice short film showing from the angel appearing to Mary all the way to when the wise men visit.

IMG_4028Here are Sister Misailegalu, Elders Faimasasa and Fotu and Sister Esau. They are welcoming visitors into the art display and movie. We joined another senior couple and several younger missionaries hosting Sunday night 6 December. We moved ‘stations’ every 30 minutes, so were able to see the whole exhibit as we directed the crowds. I was really glad when it was my turn in the movie so I could sit down for a while! People were still arriving at 10:30 pm, which is closing time.


There is another nativity right by the temple.

It is a very nice exhibit and is open every night until Christmas. We host again Thursday. What a lovely way to celebrate Christ’s birth and life!



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