Chinese Holiday Meal

IMG_4091Here are the newlyweds, Brother and Sister Lee. They got married in February, the month we arrived in Australia. Brother Lee works as a prison guard and is on the High Council in the Mortdale Stake. Sister Lee is very sweet to us, but knows very little English. We were happy they invited us to dinner the Monday after Christmas.

When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised to see many friends there. The Lee’s have a big outside table and have gas piped in for an outdoor wok. Here is Jesse making the mussels in spicy chili sauce. Ian’s Dad is helping her. (Ian is in the Chinese Branch presidency.) We found out Ian’s Dad loves classical music and knows a lot about composers and what they wrote. He asked me, “What is your favorite violin concerto?”

Jesse and her husband attend the Mortdale ward but are helping with the big Stake Chinese New Year party 27 February.

The long table is in a covered area. You can see Brother Kwok sitting in front of the fresh prawns. Brother Lin is standing in front of the vegetable pancakes Sister Lee made (more like a tortilla with finely diced vegetables). We filled them with a beef stir fry she made and they were the most delicious dish there. Brother Lee pulled out chilled drinks from the adjacent room. This is the ginger beer Dave drank. He says it is like root beer with a ginger flavor. I had the sparkling cherry drink which was very good. Next to my drink is the dish similar to sweet and sour pork. We each were given a small bowl and plate, a ceramic soup spoon and chopsticks. I really like using the chopsticks because they help me limit how much I eat. Our friends just scoop food right into their mouths from the bowls.

They called the small mussells pp’s and they were hot and spicy.

Sister Fung and Sister Kwok have been friends for years. They knew each other in Hong Kong before moving to Australia. They are dedicated and come early every Sunday with their husbands and wait during Branch Council. The Fungs live about an hour away from the church.

With all the delicious food, I seldom have room for the rice and soup.

Dessert was light and delicious! On the left is “cake”, but it is really made with jello. On the right is mango pudding that includes mangoes, mango jello, milk and eggs! The mangoes are in season and are lovely. They cost $3.50 each. Can you see the unused swimming pool in the background?That is President Fung washing the dishes! They had big dishpan outside and filled it with a hose. Could you squat like that and do the washing up? He’s older than we are!


Here is Jesse’s daughter, Amelia. I think she was perfectly content to be with all us adults because she was using an iPad. Here she is showing Sister Fung. It was a lovely evening


One thought on “Chinese Holiday Meal

  1. Eva

    Okay, so you are making my mouth water for Chinese food again! We went to the Mandarin this week. Decided to have a shrimp feast–deep fried shrimp appetizer, sweet and sour shrimp as one of the entrees, and a vegetable noodle dish with shrimp. It was delicious but it turned out to be a little too much of a good thing–we hadn’t known that the sweet and sour shrimp would be exactly the same as the appetizer shrimp, except with the sauce on them, so I ate all the shrimp I could and then had the left-overs the next day. By the way, what IS your favorite violin concerto?
    Tonight we went to the J. Reuben Clark Law Society Fireside. The speakers each year are always superb. This year the speaker was Mike Leavitt, and they gave an achievement award to Judge Wallace. It’s always a reunion when we go to that because we see people from so many different parts of our life–BYU International Center, Argentina, Salt Lake, family from all over. Scott’s cousin Ginny from Maryland (a copyright lawyer) is the international chair and I was proud of her for doing such a good job as MC of the fireside. Former Gov. Leavitt made the funniest joke. He began his talk by saying, “Today a rooster. Tomorrow a feather duster.” It’s been a long week and I feel a bit like a feather duster myself tonight, so I am so glad that tomorrow is Saturday! It’s time to rejuvenate!
    We love you, Dave and Ilene, and are proud of you and all of the wonderful work you are doing there. Work hard and keep the faith!



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