Christmas Day


It was nice to have our Christmas decorations so simple this year. The glass tree Sister Peterson bought is really pretty and has lights inside. These gifts are from missionaries and ward and branch members.

We felt very grateful when the Cous invited us to their lovely home in Castle Hill Christmas Day. They live about an hour and a quarter northwest of Mortdale. They had plenty of slip ons for us to wear when we arrived and took off our shoes.

We first got a tour of the beautiful garden where Brother Cou works very hard. This pretty plant was right along the back patio. Did you ever have a tropical plant like this? I remember having one, but I had never seen the delicate little blossoms. They have a large fish tank in the dining area.

Sister Kwok really got Li Wei and Sophie’s little Brian to smile. Here is Dave and the Kwoks.

I started taking some pictures and Sister Cou said, “Wait, wait”. She ran to a closet and came back with fun Christmas hats for all of us. Grandpa was silly with his hat. Then everyone wanted a picture with their camera too!


Brother Yang is quiet and does not like a lot of attention, so he is taking the picture. He insisted I get in the picture. The Cous are in the back by little Brian. By Brother Cou is their only child, Sharon. She has just become an optometrist. Notice the variety of food: ham, roast chicken, Chinese dishes and sushi. The most Australian thing is the plates and forks and knives!

Here we are in front of the Christmas Tree. The Pangs came a little later and brought this LARGE platter of sushi. It was my favorite food served, so I was sad to be so full already. But Sharon sent us home with a big serving.

After our Christmas dinner, we had a Family Home Evening that included a hymn, lesson, and some fun games. You can see Brother Yang trying to hide behind Li Wei. Both our Sister Pangs won the prizes!



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