Summer Christmas Party


Our Chinese Branch Christmas party started with a spiritual presentation of our Savior’s birth organized by Jack and Liansu. There were scriptures, a power point presentation and music as the story was acted out. Elders Derieg, Soon, Brown, Miller, Ross and Chen did very well creating their own costumes with very few resources! The grey, purple and red bedding we had given them worked well as turbans and robes. Sophie and Wei made a sweet picture of Joseph and Mary with their little baby, Brian. Joseph, our angel, left last week to serve a mission in Auckland, New Zealand.

Then we moved into the cultural hall for dinner and a program. There was plenty of food, but it was very different. I took tiny tastes, then went back for more of what I liked. Here are the Cous. Sharon has her boyfriend, Vincent with her. He is investigating the church. She starts her first day as a full time optometrist tomorrow. Top right is Hwalia and her friend. Bottom right are Cindy, Hobby and their new baby.

Jack got caught in Santa’s picture. I don’t know how Elder Brown got to be Santa Clause, but he happily handed out gifts to all of us from his bag. (We each brought a gift to fill the bag.) I received the lantern, below, that our artist, Elder Soon cut out himself. Above is Brother Hill and his wife Vicky. She is the Primary president.

Here is our little Primary on stage presenting a couple of fun Christmas songs. Rabindra and Vickie are up there encouraging them to stay and sing and do the actions.


Here are all us Chinese Branch missionaries at Christmas time: Elders Soon, Miller, Derieg, Chen, Ross and Brown, Elder and Sister Kinghorn in the back. These young men are awesome to work with!


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