Seniors Can Party!

Sister Clark has a nice camera and took a few candids at our dinner party. We gathered so we could spend time with the Tolmans and Hills before they leave. Left, Elders Tolman and Clark in front of President Back’s “glory wall”. (Sister Tolman found and printed pictures of all us missionaries by the month we arrived.) On the right is my favorite candid; Sister Tolman is snitching avacado as she cuts it. Elder and Sister Tolman are leaving by cruise ship with ports in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tahiti. They should be well rested when they reach Texas.

Sister and Elder Jensen, from Pingree, Idaho, are wearing Sister Back’s aprons, but Elder Jensen got the cutest one! They arrived early all the way from Narooma so started cooking and preparing dinner. (That was great because President Back and his assistants took a “leaving” missionary to see the opera house and harbour bridge.) Elder Jensen and Elder Hawthorne cooked just about everything on the grill: hamburgers, fried eggs, and onions. If I wanted an Aussie hamburger, I would put grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, pickles, a fried egg, pickled beets, tomato, lettuce and garlic mayonaise on my hamburger patty. That is called ordering “The lot”. I think if you ate that much, there would be no room for the caramel cheesecake you can see behind Sister Jensen.

Left, Sister Hill and I are catching up on what’s happening in Bathurst. She loves having a vegetable and flower garden and grew the tomatoes we ate on our hamburgers! I guess missionaries in rural towns have more free time! On the right is Elder Hill. He was in the hospital yesterday for a blood clot in his leg! We hear he is fine now. We will visit them in Bathurst 20 February and help them pack before their Monday, 22 February flight to Cairns. They are seeing a little more of Australia before going home to California.

Sister Back, left, loves to cook and is a great hostess. She reminds me of my Mom. She puts the mayonaise in a pretty dish instead of plopping the jar on the counter and carefully browns the mushrooms in butter. (Since we wash our dishes by hand, only guests get serving dishes on our table!) President and Sister Back are half done with their 3 year assignment as Mission Presidents.) Sister Back does just about as much decision making and work as President Back.) When we leave the end of July, they will have a year left.

You can see the watermelon by Elder Jensen. I have only seen seedless watermelons here, and they have been crisp and very sweet. Dinner was delicious, but the best part was the chance to talk.


Elder and Sister Jensen are really fun! We hope to get down to Narooma and visit them again before we come home.

After dinner, we all sat in the family room and told The Hills and Tolmans what great missionaries they have been and how they will be missed. They were squirming a little with all that praise, but they deserve it!


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