Australia Day

We celebrated Australia Day on Tuesday the 26th of January. It is the day that celebrates when the first fleet arrived at Sydney harbor in 1788 to start setting up the penal colony. It is like a combination of Independence Day and Labor Day. The Mortdale Stake had a breakfast in the stake center which is where we have the mission office. It was supposed to be outdoors at a large park but was moved indoors due to the rain. We participated in singing “Waltzing Matilda” which is a famous Australian song and then the national anthem. One of the men in the stake gave a short presentation on the history of Australia and ended talking about being unified with all the diversity of nations now in Australia.

The young missionaries served the food which included sausage rolls (sort of like a hot dog but with a sausage instead), fried eggs, fried minced onions, watermelon, and a dense sort of deep fried doughnut with honey in the center. There was cordial to drink, which is a little like koolaid. The sausage rolls are apparently a tradition for Australia Day.

On the left are Elders Jenson and Iino serving the doughnuts. The Australian flag tattoos were really popular with the Elders. On the right you see Elder C Brown and Elder Schwalger handing out the buns, then many of our Mortdale Zone missionaries. When we order large quantities from the bakeries here, they give them to us in flour bags or the big bags you see here.

These are some of the fine Elders in our Chinese Branch. Elders Ross, Xiao, and Brown on the left.  The eggs fried on the grill did not look too appetizing, but were really good, especially with the fried onions. On the right is Benjamin with Elder Derieg.

Here is Brother Lin, our Branch clerk holding Wei and Sophie’s little boy. He is wearing his special Australia Day hat. On the right are Cyndi and Haby with their little boy. There were lots of folks present with lots of kids running around, which probably happens at church activities all over the world.


With the passing of Australia Day, the summer holidays are over and school is now back in session.



One thought on “Australia Day

  1. Eva

    Hi Ilene and Dave,

    Another season has come and gone for you in Australia…another memory deeply imbedded. You will notice it someday when you are home in the States and the weather one day will feel just the same as it was in Australia, or the sky will be the same color of blue or the sunlight will be hitting at just the same angle or the wind will make just the same sound…These are such happy days for you and I am glad you are enjoying them so much!

    All is well here. Thank you so much for the birthday card! You are always so thoughtful. I am missing our birthday lunch, so today I am going to take myself out for lunch…I am so happy to have one day where I don’t HAVE to do anything except make my Hershey’s chocolate cake with Hershey’s chocolate frosting (and I know Scott would do that for me if I asked). He brought me breakfast in bed. And I am going to go shopping for furniture and carpet. Shopping, I say, not buying. Had to get rid of our old living room rug, and since we have new paint, it seems like a good time to update other things.

    Have a wonderful day today, you two! Sure love you!




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