We decided to give ourselves a gift for Christmas, our anniversary, and Sister Kinghorn’s birthday.  We went to a Beethoven concert in the Opera House featuring the Sydney Symphony.  The tickets were pretty pricey so we counted them as gifts for all three occasions.  The concert was at 2:00pm Saturday afternoon, so it was easy preparation day timing for us. Since they were doing track work on the Mortdale train line we drove to nearby Beverly Hills and took the train on a different line from there.  We arrived in time for most of the pre-concert lecture given by what must be a professor of music. He had excerpts he played that showed examples of how innovative Beethoven was. He discussed the three symphonies they were going to play and also gave insights about the composer.  In this case they played the 1st and the 8th and the 7th Symphonies by Beethoven.  The lecturer pointed out some the differences in the three pieces that we heard relating to the time in Beethoven’s life and what was happening to him when he composed them.  The concert was very nice.  My favorite part was the 2nd movement of the 7th Symphony.  It was just exquisite to listen to, so smooth and so carefully played. As a couple we started listening to Beethoven’s 7th Symphony when we were first married and I had it on a cassette tape.

Above is a picture of intermission. We are standing on the stairs looking down into a large open area behind the concert hall. The windows look out on the harbour and bridge. To the right is the concert hall. You can see the seating surrounds the stage.

Now Sister Kinghorn is writing. These pictures are also at intermission. Can you see the large cruise ship docked at Circular Quay? The whole area at the back of the Concert Hall has these immense glass windows.

I had to show you a picture of the beautiful bathroom where everything has curved lines. The “sinks” are like a long ribbon with big dimples. The waters just flows over the back edge like a waterfall. To the right and below you see the view east from the opera house.

The green behind me is the botanical garden. Afterward we walked along Circular Quay and stopped at one of the outdoor restaurants that operates there. We had some Italian food. It is such a beautiful place with the water and the ferries coming and going.  Across the way from where we sat was the Carnival cruise ship.  As we were finishing our meal the cruise ship slowly started to leave port backing carefully towards the harbor bridge and then turning to the east and the harbor opening out into the Pacific Ocean.  We looked around a bit more and then hopped onto our train for the ride home to Mortdale.


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