That’s Nice

1 March 2016

What are some simple things we like about Australia? There are blooms of every variety here. Many of them are on bushes and trees and so are perrenials.

I think this bush on the left is a gardenia. My memory tells me Mom really liked these in corsages because of their sweet smell. This is planted in the garden in front of the 5 villas where we live. The tree on the right is a Jacaranda. They can be very large and carpet the ground with purple blossoms.

These pictures I took when walking to Mortdale to get the mail.

One of our pleasures is going to Cronulla beach on Saturday. Elder Kinghorn wanted a good swim in the ocean before Autumn. The weather has been hot enough for us to go again. On the left are the beach patrol packing up for the day. They place flags on the beach and have a power boat ready and serve as life guards for a set time.What can you find hidden in the middle picture?

The tide was out, so we found these beautiful small shells when we took a long walk down the beach. There are cute tiny lizards that we see on the sidewalks as they scamper into the bushes. I included my toes so you can see how little they are. This one was in our bedroom. He was tired enough I got a quick picture of him. You won’t see a picture of this carpet any more. New carpet was laid today.

Our Valentines day was very simple. Sweet Sister Nelson remembered and gave each of us in the office a lollipop from See’s. Right, there is a nice restaurant in nearby Oatley that serves Chicken Schnitzel, chips and a salad for a very low price weeknights. I ate all the salad and gave most the chicken and chips to Elder Kinghorn!


One thought on “That’s Nice

  1. Eva

    Hi Ilene and Dave…It was fun to see your pictures on the beach. We were there, too, only about half-way around the world in Cabo San Lucas, celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We stayed at such a nice all-inclusive resort and had a wonderful time going sailing and snorkeling and paddleboarding. The water was so beautiful and I thought of that when I saw the waves behind Dave.
    Ashley and John just bought a house in the suburbs of Chicago in Wilmette. The schools there are supposed to be really good. They are still keeping their home here, too. Melissa got to see her baby boy on ultrasound yesterday. She says he is cute! He is due May 15. That’s about all the news from here. Thanks again for remembering my birthday. Was your birthday in January and I missed it??? I confess that I have a hard time remembering if it is in January or April. I need to get it on the family calendar!
    Oh, did I tell you I went to RootsTech2016 and it was AMAZING and I even bought a new Canon printer that can print archival photos up to 13X19? Maybe you’ll have a photo from your mission that you really love and you can come up here and we can make a lovely copy of it for you!
    Must run.
    Much love,



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